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Neopost IS-280c

The IS280c is Neopost's entry level franker's. Capable of achieving 20 franks per minute and coming with a 2 kg scale but it only allows users to manually feed mail items.


Neopost IN-360

The Neopost IN-360 comes with an integrated weighing scale that will eliminate the possibility of over or under payment on your mail items. Also benefit from using a pass through feeder that can allow you to reach a top franking speed of 45 letters per minute.


Neopost IN-600

With the IN-600 the maximum envelope thickness is 12mm thick. The IN-600 Has franking speeds of 110 letters per minute or 70 letters per minute (depending on features used). This mid volume machine is both smooth and slick looking, and it will always frank clean and clear franking impressions on your mail.


Neopost IN-700

With the IN-700 the maximum envelope thickness is 16mm thick. Your business can use the latest smart meter technology which gives you access to all of Royal Mail’s VAT products and services. The IN-700 has franking speeds of up to 150 letters per minute. These are just some of the features that come with the IN-700 Mailmark Franking Machine.


Neopost IS-6000C

With the Neopost IS-6000c franking machine you will benefit from franking mail up to 20mm thick and if your items are thicker, you can use an automatic label dispenser which will allow you to apply franking labels to your slightly larger items. This is one of the most advanced Mailmark machines on the market today.