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Frama Matrix F12

All accounts on the F12 can be PIN code protected to ensure that you are in full control of your postage funds. Not only this, but you can also use 18 one touch buttons and a simple touch screen to help aid the franking process.

Matrix F12

Frama Matrix F22

The Frama Matrix F22 model allows all members of staff to frank mail with ease via a clear touch screen and up to 24 one touch buttons. On the F22 model also so that you can ensure you can keep your postage expenditure secure.

Matrix F22

Frama Matrix F32

The Matrix F32 model comes with a 2 or 5 Kg weighing scale as standard, depending on your preference. This can be upgraded to a 30 Kg separate weighing scale if you wish. Choose to have 25 or 100 accounts on this model depending on your preference. Also benefit from a super fast LAN connection that will enable your business to receive faster download speeds.

Matrix F32

Frama Matrix F42

The Matrix F42 Mailmark franking machine gives businesses an option to have either a semi-automatic or fully automatic feeding system. The automatic feeding system is an optional expansion. As well as this, you can use the letter thickness recognition feature for the label dispenser and feeder to help ensure that you do not try and frank mail items over a certain thickness (10mm).

Matrix F42

Frama Matrix F62

The Matrix F62 comes with an automatic feeding system as standard which allows you to frank up to 95 letters per minute. Based on our experience with a similar machine, your business is recommended to frank between 500 and 600 mail items a day. The Frama Matrix F62 was designed for easy franking.

Matrix F62

Frama Matrix F82

The Frama Matrix F82 Mailmark franking machine also comes with automatic letter thickness recognition. This advanced feature will stop any items over a set thickness from being inserted into the machine. You can have as much as 250 accounts on this high volume Mailmark machine, being very beneficial for larger sized businesses.

Matrix F82